Negative commenting on Blogs/Vlogs

11 Aug

I just want to say that today I received some nasty comments on my YouTube channel. Needless to say that they hurt me. I don’t let things get to me but when someones says that “don’t watch this video it literally gave me herpes” , “the only good thing about this is that it is over”. 

I just started doing videos not even 2 month ago I am still learning how to act in front of the camera. You would think that it would be easy just you and the camera its not. When you are done and watch the video before editing and publishing, you don’t want to look like a idiot. Sometimes I record a video 3-4 times before I feel its good enough. 

You put allot of work into your Blog/Video you don’t want Ugly comments on it. If it had been something that was to help you do better, then you would thank them for their help. 

One last thing I found out after looking at other comments this user made I reported them because all their comment were nasty and ugly. No one deserves that.

How would you feel if it happened to you.

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