Some Fall essentials

13 Aug

I am so excited to know that my favorite season is around the corner. FALL!! Today I want to share a few things you should have in your fall wardrobe. 

First a good pair of riding boots. I Love my Athena Aigner two tone Boots. the are affordable and a go with almost everything. You can find a new pair on EBay for 1/2 the price of retail. Thats how I got mine. Great Oxford shirts can take you from fall all the way to spring. I Love the J.Crew Factory Oxfords. They fit me perfect the length is great for layering under a sweater. I find that the cheaper oxfords are to short for me. I love to tuck them into jeans and the are too short the will not stay tucked in. A good tip is to tuck them into your Panties. I would rather spend a few extra dollars and get some that are going to last me several years. These are pieces that will never go out of style. 

Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe in the cooler months. I live in the leggings from H&M. They are so long. They last for ever and at $10.00 you can afford a few pairs. These are the only leggings I’ve owned that haven’t faded. I’m in love with the J.Crew Pixie Pant. They are a thicker legging that you can get away with wearing a little shorter shirt. I’m Defiantly getting a pair in the coming weeks. 

Hope you enjoyed. Will be doing a post soon on how I add jewelry to my Fall outfits. 

XOXO Aurora






Pixie Pant


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