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Things school didn’t teach me

23 May

Day 23 is all about the things school didn’t teach you. As I sit here and think about this several thoughts come to mind.

1. How to balance a check book

2. How to change a tire or your oil for that matter

3. How to drive. This should still be taught in High School we shouldn’t have to pay someone 200+ to teach our children something that should be taught in school. and parallel parking should be a major point on the test either. Most places you don’t have parallel parking.

4. How to live on a budget

5. How to act like a lady or gentlemen. I live in Texas were manners are mandatory you respect your elders. but these days good ole southern goodness seems to be fading away. it needs to come back.

These are just a few that I can think I am pretty sure there are tons more.




Day 21 My favorite past posts

21 May

Todays post is about my past favorite post since I haven’t been doing this long on here I don’t have many post. So I chose 4 that I loved.

Arias 1st Birthday


Mint and Purple 


Dark Stripes


Summer to Fall



I have so many fun post planned for when this challenge is over. I cant wait.

XOXO Aurora

Day 19 & 20 Blog every day in may

21 May

This is a day late I was so exhausted yesterday from all the craziness that had been going on over the week before. It finally hit me like a brick wall. But then the wind was so bad last night I really didn’t get any sleep. The joys of living in the panhandle of Texas. I did get a great nap in today.

Day 19 is about my 5 favorite bloggers. I’m going to do 3 since in my Profess your love for a blogger friend I did 2 of my favorite bloggers since I don’t have any blogger friends.

Summer Wind– She has a cute Preppy blog that I love. She has OOTD, fun fashion finds. All around love her.


Gal Meets Glam- she is fabulous.


The Sweetest Thing I just recently discovered her and she is amazing. Her OOTD I die I want her closet.


Day 20- something I’m struggling with right now.
Honestly this challenge. But mostly with ,y honey being in Iraq we are so ready for him to be home. Everyday is a struggle, some good some bad but knowing its almost over and he’ll be home for good soon makes it better.

I hope you enjoyed.

Day 17 A favorite photo of you and why

18 May




Day 17 of Blog everyday in May is a favorite of photo of you and why. I chose this photo of me and my daughter. She was about a week old. I had never been happier than the day I became a mom. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.





Day 18 A story from your childhood

18 May

To be honest I don’t really remember my childhood. It wasn’t that great. I have short memories about it. like when I got my first pair of glasses in kindergarten, they were pink plastic frames. I thought I was so cool, even if the kids called me four eyes. My Nanny(grandma) took me to Dairy Queen twice a week in kindergarten, I went 1/2 day which they dont’ have anymore. I loved it chicken finger basket, gravy and Texas toast yum. It doesn’t taste the same as it did then. then a dipped ice cream cone for dessert as we walked home. these are a few memories that are good that I can remember. ¬†What are some of your favorite childhood memories?



Day 16 something difficult about you lot in life and how your working to overcome it

17 May

This is a no brainer to me and its my PTSD. I suffer with it and will for the rest of my life. I know that if I had never joined the Army I wouldn’t have it. But then I also would never have met my honey and wouldn’t have ever had our precious daughter. So I wouldn’t take it back for anything. Well maybe some things about it but I realize those days only made me stronger. I am in therapy for the PTSD and doing what I can to keep it at a minimum. Some days are harder than others. The Army changed me some good and some bad ways. My outlet right now is this blog. I haven’t done a good jb of keeping it up but i am doing my best right now. What are you struggling with?



Stripes and polka dots

17 May

IMG_2719 IMG_2721 IMG_2723 IMG_2726 IMG_2728 IMG_2730

Top- Jcrew(sold out onine)

Shorts- TJ Maxx(last year)

Shoes- Kate Spade for Keds


Day 14 Ten things that make me happy

16 May

Day 14 of Blog every day in May is 10 things that make me happy. Its hard to narrow down to 10 things but these are deffienly the ones that stand out to me.

1- God 1st and foremost

2- My Daughter Aria


3- My honey

4- Family

5- Coffee

5- Sweet Tea

6- Summer BBQs

7- Saturday Night Bubble Baths

8- Movie nights with my little one



9- Snuggle Time with my Honey when he’s not overseas

10- Watching my Princess play outside with our dog

IMG_3915 IMG_3916



Day 12 What do you miss

12 May

This one was easy. My honey the father of my little princess. He’s overseas and I wish he was here. This is hard for me to write about.

I’m crying as I write this, an need a moment… It’s Mother’s Day and the person that helped me become a mom isn’t here to share it with me. He’s doing what he has to for his family. I know he will be home soon but it’s so hard and seems so far away from now.

My heart, my soul, my solid ground is far away and fighting for what he believes in. I back him up no matter what. I will always fight for him, an always stand by him. The last 4 years have been a crazy roller coaster and there is no one I would have rather spent it with then you. I love you with all my heart.


Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. Especially my military moms overseas.

Day 9 A moment in my day

12 May

So apparently this never posted so I am posting it now.

Day 9 is a moment in my day.
My days are filled with so much activity. Most days start with a glass of milk for my princess and cup of coffee for me while we snuggle and watching the Disney channel. From there just depends on what we need to get done. Some days are busier than others especially weekly grocery shopping days. Today we baked for mothers day weekend. Which my little princess loves to help me do.