Me in 250 words… Or less

7 May

I decided to do this challenge found on Story of My Life Blog blogging everyday in May. I think this will be fun and a great way to get a little personal with you all. I will be playing catchup over the next few days so two a day till I’m caught up I hope you enjoy. So lets jump in.

Day 1: The story of me in 250 words or less

Born and raised in a little town out side Dallas, Texas. Growing up there was good. Then my parents got divorced(believe me it was for the best) then I lost my grandma to cancer. After that I got very awkward, and kids made fun of me for being so weird. Then came high school, I dropped out got my GED. Which let me say is not as easy as one would think. I joined the Army. Spent 8.5 years in, with 2 deployments to Afghanistan. On the second deployment I met my Honey. We’ve been together for almost 4.5 years and have a little girl together. She is almost 2 and is the light of my life. Everything changed when she was born. It has been on heck of a roller coaster the last 10 years of my life but I wouldn’t change it for the world.



Day 2 is educate you in something Im really good and well… I cant think of anything so Im just gonna skip to day 3. lol

Day 3: things that make me uncomfortable

Well first off I hate being put on the spot. I get nervous and start sweating. Making for an awkward silence. And even more awkward moment.

When someone from your past runs into you and they remember you and you don’t remember them. And that moment you have to ask them who they are(thats if your brave enough to ask).

Hope y’all have great day.



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