Professing your love for a blogger friend

9 May

This one is going to be a little different because I don’t have any blogger friends. So I decided to share my favorite bloggers of the moment.

I have truly been loving Caitlin from Souther Curls and Pearls her blog is so cute. She seems so down to earth. Her outfits are to die for. So well put together and classy. So much inspiration.


As a mom I tend to want to dress relaxed and kinda lazy, but I look at her blog and I’m like I can totally pull that outfit off and them bam I do and I feel better about my self in what wearing, and I know my daughter will be proud of what her mom is wearing and see me as model for how she should dress.

My other favorite blogger is Emily from Life with Emily. She is amazing. I love her love and joy for life. How she gets so excited to see her boyfriend which she doesn’t see everyday. Her outfits are well put together and some her statement necklaces and darling. Her style has evolved over the last several moths that I’ve been reading her blog and I’m loving it.



Have a great Thursday.

Photo credits:
Souther Curls and Pearls
Life with Emily

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