Day 10&11 most embarrassing moment sell yourself in 10 words

12 May

Most embarrassing moment… Really couldn’t think of any. So I’ll share this embarrassing pic… The story is, it had been a 10+ hour day and it wasn’t over yet, so I sat down for just a little bit I closed my eyes and well the picture says the rest I had no idea it had been taken till the next day. The life of an Army soldier. I hope this made your day, and yes that’s my phone in my hand.


Day 11 sell myself in 10 words

1- Mother
2- Trusting
3- Fun
4- Good listener
5- Always there
6- Determined
7- Responsible
8- Loving
9- Feisty
10- Argumentative

This was a little harder than I thought. As always hope your day is going well.


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