Day 19 & 20 Blog every day in may

21 May

This is a day late I was so exhausted yesterday from all the craziness that had been going on over the week before. It finally hit me like a brick wall. But then the wind was so bad last night I really didn’t get any sleep. The joys of living in the panhandle of Texas. I did get a great nap in today.

Day 19 is about my 5 favorite bloggers. I’m going to do 3 since in my Profess your love for a blogger friend I did 2 of my favorite bloggers since I don’t have any blogger friends.

Summer Wind– She has a cute Preppy blog that I love. She has OOTD, fun fashion finds. All around love her.


Gal Meets Glam- she is fabulous.


The Sweetest Thing I just recently discovered her and she is amazing. Her OOTD I die I want her closet.


Day 20- something I’m struggling with right now.
Honestly this challenge. But mostly with ,y honey being in Iraq we are so ready for him to be home. Everyday is a struggle, some good some bad but knowing its almost over and he’ll be home for good soon makes it better.

I hope you enjoyed.

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