Things school didn’t teach me

23 May

Day 23 is all about the things school didn’t teach you. As I sit here and think about this several thoughts come to mind.

1. How to balance a check book

2. How to change a tire or your oil for that matter

3. How to drive. This should still be taught in High School we shouldn’t have to pay someone 200+ to teach our children something that should be taught in school. and parallel parking should be a major point on the test either. Most places you don’t have parallel parking.

4. How to live on a budget

5. How to act like a lady or gentlemen. I live in Texas were manners are mandatory you respect your elders. but these days good ole southern goodness seems to be fading away. it needs to come back.

These are just a few that I can think I am pretty sure there are tons more.



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