Rimmel Show off Lip lacquers

5 Aug

I have been wanting these ever since one of my favorite UK YouTubers talked about them. They are the Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquers in the UK and Show Off in the US. But like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation(still not available in US) they weren’t available the US till recently. I’ve been too every drug store where I live several times, and finally I found them at Walgreens.

I wasn’t sure about them at first. They go on very pigmented and are a little sticky.  Just know a LITTLE goes a long way. The wear is amazing. I picked up 4 colors I know I would wear and not normally wear. I’m trying to getting out of my comfort zone with lip products.

IMG_3044 Stellar coral/pink color

IMG_3045 Aurora(of course I had to get this one) its the most neutral of the shades is a berry color.

IMG_3046 Big Bang a bright red color. Im going to love this in the winter.

IMG_3047 Apocaliptic a bright pink.


Left to Right: Stellar, Aurora, Big Bang, Apocaliptic

You can find them here. click the find in store link on the right hand side and enter your zip code. It will show you all the stores near you that carry them Happing shopping.

Hope you enjoyed

XOXO Aurora

Disclaimer: I purchased these myself and in no way affiliated with Rimmel. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

2 Responses to “Rimmel Show off Lip lacquers”

  1. notquitecarrieb August 6, 2013 at 12:30 am #

    Love these! I saw them our about a month or so ago and got way too excited in Walgreens. Kind of wish they had the original name used in the uk here. Apocalips sounds so much better than show offs in my opinion.

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