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L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

28 Oct


I am in LOVE with this mascara. Its its volumizing lengthening and more. Its everything I’ve been looking for in a mascara. I have tried so many different ones and none have been like this one.  The 1st image is me without mascara, the rest with it. the wand is amazing I wish I’d taken a picture before I put it on the bottle. It has one side with short bristle which are perfect for your bottom lashes and the other side has long bristles that get shorter as it goes down the wand. It doesn’t clump, my lashes are still soft and not crunchy as some mascaras leave them. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you go get it right away.



My inner Spencer Hastings.

23 Oct

Without even thinking about what day it was, I channeled my inner Spencer Hastings. If you haven’t seen ABC Familys Pretty Little Liars you should.  The character is my favorite on the show. Her classic preppy look I cant get enough of it. Last nights Halloween episode was good, as always. I cant wait till January.



Top: J.Crew Factory

Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Dirty Laundry

A little leather

21 Oct

Recently as I was putting away all my Spring/Summer shoes and pulling out all the Fall/Winter ones I found these Forever 21 Moto boots I bought I think this time last year if not the year before. I fell in LOVE with them all over again. I am determined to pair them with at least one outfit a week till it gets to cold for them. Currently looking for Outfit inspiration for them so if y’all see any let me know.

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Hope y’all have a  great week.



IMG_3394 IMG_3400



Jacket: Wilsons Leather(old)

Top: Target Old(They need to bring the scoop/crew neck tees back)

Bottoms: J.Crew Pixi Pants

Shoes: Forever 21 (old)

On to the next

18 Oct

Been so bust this week car shopping. We finally got rid of out gas guzzling Tahoe. and got Ford Edge Sport. Which I am in love with it. It is way smaller but so much better for us.  It has taken us sometime to finally decide on what to get it. and when I drove the Edge I knew right away its what I wanted. Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.


Blazer: Urban Outfitters(old)

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Brina Box(on sale)

Bracelets: DIY

Bag: Philip Lim for Target(Sold Out)


The colored T-shirt

16 Oct

I am going through a phase of wanting to wear plain T-shirts with blazers and statement necklaces. Its such an easy thing to throw on and go. And in the right was you can look so well put together. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Pinterest Outfit Loves

14 Oct

I wanted to share a few Outfits I found on Pinterest. I cant wait to recreate some of these, adding my own touch of course.  If any of these are your personal pictures please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  The Finale pic I am working on a DIY for the shirt. I am obsessed with it. I hope you enjoy.


Image links:

1  2  3  4

Herringbone and a Fox

2 Oct

Today I wanted to join in on all the National Herringbone Vest day fun, but as it was almost 90(this makes me sad) I decided to share with y’all how I would have worn it.  I have so many ideas for the cooler weather and this vest. I wanted this so bad last year but wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get it. Luckily J.Crew Factory brought it back. And I couldn’t wait till it came online I started calling stores and found it. The closest store to me is over 7 hours away. Hope you enjoyed.



IMG_3358 IMG_3359

IMG_3360 IMG_3362