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Day 16 something difficult about you lot in life and how your working to overcome it

17 May

This is a no brainer to me and its my PTSD. I suffer with it and will for the rest of my life. I know that if I had never joined the Army I wouldn’t have it. But then I also would never have met my honey and wouldn’t have ever had our precious daughter. So I wouldn’t take it back for anything. Well maybe some things about it but I realize those days only made me stronger. I am in therapy for the PTSD and doing what I can to keep it at a minimum. Some days are harder than others. The Army changed me some good and some bad ways. My outlet right now is this blog. I haven’t done a good jb of keeping it up but i am doing my best right now. What are you struggling with?



Day 14 Ten things that make me happy

16 May

Day 14 of Blog every day in May is 10 things that make me happy. Its hard to narrow down to 10 things but these are deffienly the ones that stand out to me.

1- God 1st and foremost

2- My Daughter Aria


3- My honey

4- Family

5- Coffee

5- Sweet Tea

6- Summer BBQs

7- Saturday Night Bubble Baths

8- Movie nights with my little one



9- Snuggle Time with my Honey when he’s not overseas

10- Watching my Princess play outside with our dog

IMG_3915 IMG_3916



Day 12 What do you miss

12 May

This one was easy. My honey the father of my little princess. He’s overseas and I wish he was here. This is hard for me to write about.

I’m crying as I write this, an need a moment… It’s Mother’s Day and the person that helped me become a mom isn’t here to share it with me. He’s doing what he has to for his family. I know he will be home soon but it’s so hard and seems so far away from now.

My heart, my soul, my solid ground is far away and fighting for what he believes in. I back him up no matter what. I will always fight for him, an always stand by him. The last 4 years have been a crazy roller coaster and there is no one I would have rather spent it with then you. I love you with all my heart.


Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. Especially my military moms overseas.

Day 9 A moment in my day

12 May

So apparently this never posted so I am posting it now.

Day 9 is a moment in my day.
My days are filled with so much activity. Most days start with a glass of milk for my princess and cup of coffee for me while we snuggle and watching the Disney channel. From there just depends on what we need to get done. Some days are busier than others especially weekly grocery shopping days. Today we baked for mothers day weekend. Which my little princess loves to help me do.



Day 10&11 most embarrassing moment sell yourself in 10 words

12 May

Most embarrassing moment… Really couldn’t think of any. So I’ll share this embarrassing pic… The story is, it had been a 10+ hour day and it wasn’t over yet, so I sat down for just a little bit I closed my eyes and well the picture says the rest I had no idea it had been taken till the next day. The life of an Army soldier. I hope this made your day, and yes that’s my phone in my hand.


Day 11 sell myself in 10 words

1- Mother
2- Trusting
3- Fun
4- Good listener
5- Always there
6- Determined
7- Responsible
8- Loving
9- Feisty
10- Argumentative

This was a little harder than I thought. As always hope your day is going well.


Day 7&8 things I’m most afraid of, a piece of advice

10 May

Day 7: The things I’m most afraid.

1. My daughter growing up without me or her dad
2. Loosing my daughter
3. Us loosing my Honey
4. Loosing any of my family

The 1st one is the worst to me. She means the world to me and having her grow up with me would horrible. Every child needs to have both parents actively involved in their lives. I know what it’s like to only grow up with one parent. It sucks. Yes I have a step dad but I never got close enough to him growing up to think of him as a father.

Day 8: A piece of advice.

Always stay true to yourself. Never change for anyone. If anyone doesn’t like you for you then they shouldn’t be in your life. Only keep those in your life that will build you up not down.


Professing your love for a blogger friend

9 May

This one is going to be a little different because I don’t have any blogger friends. So I decided to share my favorite bloggers of the moment.

I have truly been loving Caitlin from Souther Curls and Pearls her blog is so cute. She seems so down to earth. Her outfits are to die for. So well put together and classy. So much inspiration.


As a mom I tend to want to dress relaxed and kinda lazy, but I look at her blog and I’m like I can totally pull that outfit off and them bam I do and I feel better about my self in what wearing, and I know my daughter will be proud of what her mom is wearing and see me as model for how she should dress.

My other favorite blogger is Emily from Life with Emily. She is amazing. I love her love and joy for life. How she gets so excited to see her boyfriend which she doesn’t see everyday. Her outfits are well put together and some her statement necklaces and darling. Her style has evolved over the last several moths that I’ve been reading her blog and I’m loving it.



Have a great Thursday.

Photo credits:
Souther Curls and Pearls
Life with Emily

Favorite quote, and what I do

9 May

Day 4 is a favorite quote and why we love it.


Not sure why I love it I just do. It’s true tho the end is right. We should pray everyday not just for ourselves and our lives but for others. You should always thank The Lord for everything even if its not allot.

Day 5 will be up tomorrow.

Day 6 what I do.
I’m a stay at home mom. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. All though and don’t get me wrong I know I’m not the only one out there that just wants a day to ourselves to do whatever. I would sleep. And sleep some more. Everyday with my little one is a new experience you never know what to expect.

Hope y’all are have. Great week it’s almost the weekend!

XOXO Aurora

Me in 250 words… Or less

7 May

I decided to do this challenge found on Story of My Life Blog blogging everyday in May. I think this will be fun and a great way to get a little personal with you all. I will be playing catchup over the next few days so two a day till I’m caught up I hope you enjoy. So lets jump in.

Day 1: The story of me in 250 words or less

Born and raised in a little town out side Dallas, Texas. Growing up there was good. Then my parents got divorced(believe me it was for the best) then I lost my grandma to cancer. After that I got very awkward, and kids made fun of me for being so weird. Then came high school, I dropped out got my GED. Which let me say is not as easy as one would think. I joined the Army. Spent 8.5 years in, with 2 deployments to Afghanistan. On the second deployment I met my Honey. We’ve been together for almost 4.5 years and have a little girl together. She is almost 2 and is the light of my life. Everything changed when she was born. It has been on heck of a roller coaster the last 10 years of my life but I wouldn’t change it for the world.



Day 2 is educate you in something Im really good and well… I cant think of anything so Im just gonna skip to day 3. lol

Day 3: things that make me uncomfortable

Well first off I hate being put on the spot. I get nervous and start sweating. Making for an awkward silence. And even more awkward moment.

When someone from your past runs into you and they remember you and you don’t remember them. And that moment you have to ask them who they are(thats if your brave enough to ask).

Hope y’all have great day.



Thanksgiving outfit ideas

17 Nov
Just a few outfits I cam up with using Polyvore. i love this site, such a fun way to make outfits. I hope you enjoy.
XOXO Aurora