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Neon the Nude

20 Jan

The weather here has been very spring like witch is so weird. Its normally so cold right now, and snowy/rainy. This summer is going to be so hot if it doesn’t start acting like winter soon.



Top: J.Crew Factory(old)

Sweater: Gap(old)

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Athena Aigner



Me and my Beau

14 Jan

This was my favorite Christmas present. The Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue small Beau Bag. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe my eyes. So beautiful. I couldn’t have been happier.  I bought this bag for myself during the Cyber Monday sale. At 30% off and free shipping I couldn’t say know. Made myself wait till Christmas to open it. I had been wanting this bag ever since it came out. But I couldn’t afford it so I saved and when the sale came around I had just enough for it. This bag will last me season after season. And the size is perfect. I knew after seeing pictures of the bigger size that the small one was for me as the bigger one would been too big.




Skirt: Zara(old)

Tights: Express

Boots: Athena Aigner

Bangles: Bourbon and Boweties

Bag: Kate Spade

5 days a week!!

13 Jan

Hope everyones year is going great. I am going to start blogging 5 days a week. Monday thru Friday. That a huge deal for me, and a little more work but I can do it, that’s why I haven’t blogged since last week. I have been getting prepped for it so I don’t get behind. I am also on the hunt for someone to redo the blog and make it better. So hopefully in the next month or so I will have a new and better looking blog. Working on stepping up my Blogger Game this year.



Dress: J.Crew Factory(old)

Shirt: J.Crew(via Ebay)

Tights: Urban Outfitter

Boots: Athena Aigner

Herringbone and a Fox

2 Oct

Today I wanted to join in on all the National Herringbone Vest day fun, but as it was almost 90(this makes me sad) I decided to share with y’all how I would have worn it.  I have so many ideas for the cooler weather and this vest. I wanted this so bad last year but wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get it. Luckily J.Crew Factory brought it back. And I couldn’t wait till it came online I started calling stores and found it. The closest store to me is over 7 hours away. Hope you enjoyed.



IMG_3358 IMG_3359

IMG_3360 IMG_3362

Summer to Fall

9 Oct

Its been so long since my last post. for the last 2 weeks me and my little one have been battling colds. We have finally gotten rid of them. I do not like being sick. I am no good to my daughter sick. We mostly cuddled and watched movies. Glad it has passed, and we are better.

The weather here is cooling off allot we had a cold front blow thru this weekend and it has been so nice. But its going to be fairly warm this week and I don’t like it.  Its crazy how its going from 39 today to 75 tomorrow and then to 85 on tuesday. The joys of living in Texas and having bi-polar weather.

I wore this great dress to church that is perfect for the Spring/Summer time. I added this long sleeve shirt, leggings and ridding boots to make it more for Fall weather. I just got this necklace from Ily Couture. I am so in love I have a red one coming soon. A review of them will be soon. Hope you enjoyed and have a great week.

XOXO Aurora

Dress: Forever 21 (Old)

Leggings: H&M

Boots: Athena Aigner

Necklace: Ily Couture