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monograms around the home

30 Aug

I have addiction to monogramming. I LOVE IT!! Ill never stop, so theres no need for an intervention.

I bought the pot holder set  at Ross for $4 I love them the colors whee perfect for the house as they matched the rest of the decor. I had the monogramed at a local monogramming place.

The towel is part of a 3 pc. set from Ross $3/4 I cant remember. I only had one monogrammed for now. I sewed on ribbon to the sides so I could tie it to the oven. This towel is just a decorative piece not to be used.

The Wreathe all supplies I used to make it are from Hobby Lobby. Minus the wooden monogram that is from Personalized from me to you.  The medium size


IMG_3075 IMG_3074


Top bun and maxi

26 Jun

IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2924


Perfect day to wear this maxi dress. sunny but a nice breeze.

Maxi dress- Simply Swanky Boutique

Bathroom makeover

24 Jun

I want to apologize for being MIA last week with posts. I have been working diligently on our upstairs bathroom makeover. I finally finished last night and I want to show you all what I did. This post is probably going to be picture heavy so I apologize.

This is the before: Plaid wallpaper?!?!

IMG_4395 IMG_4396


After almost 4 days of removing the wallpaper which in some spots it didn’t want to come off, finally it was all gone well almost. Behind the mirror was some extremely old wallpaper and well it wasn’t coming off so I just left it. no one was going to see it anyways once the mirror was back up. I used DIF gel wallpaper remover the kind in the spay bottle. it says let sit 20-30 minutes which is too long after that long of time it starts to dry. I waited about 5-6 min as its easier to remove when wet. I know some people say use windex the one with ammonia, but I didn’t remember to try that till I was almost done.

IMG_4324 IMG_4325 IMG_4326


Now I was ready to paint. this took about 3 hours. I had to use two coats, one was fine but was too bright, the second coat darkened it up and was the perfect shade. I used Behr Sea Foam Spray (Home Depot)

IMG_4394 IMG_4390 IMG_4393

These photos above (I made) I put on the middle of the mirror. I wanted to have them on the counter top but i didn’t like how it looked. So I decided to attach them to the mirror using Command Picture frame damage free hanging stripes.

IMG_4389 IMG_4388 IMG_4387 IMG_4386


Fish pictures I found here.

Inspiration for the rules here.

The towels are from Target, monogrammed at a local monogramming shop.

Soap and tooth brush holders Target

Frames Target and goodwill.


Hope you enjoyed and didn’t find this too overwhelming. Ill be back this week with outfit posts. and a 4th of July what to wear post.





Chevron Love

14 Jun

I recently found this dress at a local boutique call Small Town Gypsy I had been looking for the bigger chevron print in this dress, but have had no luck. I fell in love with the color its a color you can find all over our home.


IMG_2895 IMG_2896 IMG_2897


Dress: Small Town Gypsy