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DIY Belt Rack

16 Jun

This is my first DIY. I am so excited about this. I have ben looking for a belt rack for so long then i found some wood scrapes in our garage from when we had to get wood cut for new slats under out bed. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did making it. I am so proud of it. 


XOXO Aurora

1: You will need piece of wood cut to your size(Can be done at Home Depot or Lowes), one inch nail, staple gun, and material of your choice, oh and a hammer

2: Place wood on the material(IMG 1)

3: fold the material over the wood and Staple fold end like you do when wrapping presents but instead of stapling to the end fold it over to the same side as the already stapled material and staple. (IMG 2-6)

4: Repeat on other side and end. If you were like me I had allot of material so I puled the material over and then cut a little on the end so I would know were to cut excess material off before stapling it down. 

5. Hang on your wall. and Hang those gorgeous belts on it.